Welcome to the 4th (R)evolution

The demands facing industrial companies are tremendous: dwindling resources, rising energy prices, global competition, demographic change, increasing flexibility, growing demands from clients and the desire to customise products. These are the challenges that companies are having to tackle with intelligent solutions and new processes.

The answer lies in industrial value creation which, through digitisation, automation and networking, affects the processes or business models of industrial companies. As part of this, all of the stakeholders involved with the value creation should be networked into cyber-physical systems (CPS), with the aim of data capture, including control influence. 

Based on existing data, the classical division of design/construction vs. production/logistics can be restricted. All production workflows are linked by integrating all of the company’s processes, such as order processing, project management, production and delivery into a CPS. In the future, they will be managed in real time, in parallel and locally, and in a coordinated manner.

The three phases


Phase 1: Vision and idea generation

expertplace does not prescribe anything. Instead, we prefer to work with our client in a concept-finding phase, collect ideas and develop visions for the way forward together. We are especially interested in finding out what specific wishes and ideas the company has for the future. Which goals should be achieved? Based on this ideas screening session, we formulate 10 specific goals with measurable results.


Phase 2: Analysis and conceptualisation

Where does the company stand? What is its current situation in the context of Industry 4.0? Are the formulated goals realistically achievable? What needs to be done to achieve them? To answer these questions, we have developed a tool that enables us to determine and analyse the company’s current situation. We call it our standard checklist. We collate the results in a goals / actions matrix with an outcomes report.


Phase 3: Programme / projects

expertplace develops a programme / project model that you can implement. We support you throughout the entire changeover process and ensure that only the best solution for your demands and requirements is found and implemented. In addition to in-depth consulting services for dependable decisions, we also ensure smooth project management and an efficient workflow across all departments involved.