The state as a modern service provider

There are many hurdles on the way to modern management and effective administration. The key words are: reducing red tape, streamlined structures, accelerated processes, cost-effective task fulfilment, stronger focus on service, as well as mobility and job satisfaction for administration staff. We know reliable pathways for ensuring that networks, states, cities and local communities are able to meet the demands of businesses and citizens.

Our expertise

expertplace’s public sector experts have been advising the EU, networks, states, local authorities and public institutions for many years. We contribute our first-class knowledge on organisational and business management issues. Based on an in-depth understanding developed over many years of the IT infrastructure of many national and state-wide service providers, we design and implement IT solutions to support business processes – a core skill that ensures the smooth integration and launch of technical projects. Product neutrality and independence are further cornerstones of our consultancy services, ensuring we are driven solely to successfully implement your requirements.

Electronic filing systems (eFolders)

Our solution comprises an industry-neutral visualisation client that can be integrated via standardised interfaces with a wide range of document management systems and specialist applications to create an electronic folder.

Software development

Common market technologies, their standards and development environments such as Java, Microsoft .NET & SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, JBOSS or even Open Source form the foundations of individual solutions for specialist applications right through to complex software architecture. However, it is not just a mastery of technological standards that guarantees the successful implementation of these specific requirements.

With expertise in all kinds of standardisation approaches such as SAGA, V-Model XT, X-ÖV, IT basic protection catalogues and standards, barrier-free information technology ordinance, ITIL, etc., our employees safeguard your project’s success.

Workflow- and process-editing systems

These IT procedures are generally suitable for organising document-based processes in which documents, procedures or folders can be edited. System functions allow end-to-end electronic business processes to be established. Formalised workflows (e.g. the electronic floating file) are best implemented with these types of systems since they ensure seamless logging, and complete traceability is guaranteed.

We gathered valuable experience from the Initiative Bund Online 2005 and Deutschland Online projects.


Administration is measured by how efficiently and effectively work gets done, and whether, at the same time, it contributes towards stabilising the company’s budget situation and maintaining debt ceilings. Indicators of this include increasing networking with high degrees of work sharing, narrowly delineated task areas and the consideration of workflows from not just a purely functional perspective, but also from a process-related one.

Our public sector experts have been supporting public administration for more than 20 years with this change, and have gained deep insights into the structures and ways public organisations work. We regard ourselves as a catalyst for organisation, processes and technologies, and we bring these disciplines together. We combine comprehensive industry expertise with tried-and-tested methods such as ITIL®, COBIT® and ISO 20000.

expertplace is also an accredited training provider for the ITIL®, PRINCE2® and COBIT® methods in Germany.