Personnel leasing in IT

Subcontracted labour is becoming increasingly important in the IT industry. Economic fluctuations and sluggish order books mean that companies need the opportunity to get their peaks under control in order to carry out short- and long-term projects quickly. And without running the risk of prosecution. The keywords are: false self-employment.

Making sure that everyone is covered

Personnel leasing is the tool that lifts companies and employees out of this misery. Project work among private and public sector companies is booming.

Whether it be for a week or a year, for specific IT projects or specialist expertise: clients turn to their IT service partners who, frequently, work exclusively with freelance personnel, to be able to assign their projects with suitable professionals. In particular for fixed-term projects involving IT professionals, flexibility is more in demand than ever.

However, to ensure that clients, agencies and IT professionals are covered, it is essential that the IT company providing the staff is able to prove its permission to lease personnel. And companies have now learned their lesson: yes to temporary workers. But without an official permit for leased personnel: no.

Our expertise

expertplace has this permit. This means that leased personnel are permanently employed with us. We are responsible for salary payments as well as continued salary payments for sick leave or holidays. However: the right to issue directives in relation to personnel leasing remains with the client (hirer) throughout the term of the deployment. The client benefits from professional workers, a high level of flexibility, legal- and planning security and the ongoing in-house management of their often lengthy projects.

IT professionals benefit too: fixed salary structures eligible for social security deductions, participation in further training activities and access to a specialist labour market. Many clients are unwilling to risk working with freelancers any more due to the current legal situation. With the personnel leasing permit, expertplace creates a secure framework for all parties involved so that we can focus entirely on the quality of our work.