expertplace has successfully delivered a wide range of projects with different tasks and goals. Our consultants are specialists with in-depth and comprehensive industry expertise.

The various sectors and topics have different requirements and demand a specialist approach in terms of thoughts and actions. Successful company development and expertise also mean questioning things and developing new, better processes and solutions.

Industry 4.0

The demands facing industrial companies are tremendous: Dwindling resources, rising energy prices, global competition, demographic change, increasing flexibility, growing demands from clients, and the desire to customise products. These are the challenges that companies are having to tackle with intelligent solutions and new processes.

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Personnel leasing in IT

Subcontracted labour is becoming increasingly important in the IT industry. Economic fluctuation and sluggish order books mean that companies need the opportunity to get their peaks under control to carry out short-term and long-term projects quickly. And without running the risk of prosecution.

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There are many hurdles on the way to modern management and effective administration. The key words are: reducing red tape, streamlined structures, accelerated processes, cost-effective task fulfilment, stronger focus on service, as well as mobility and job satisfaction for administration staff. We know reliable pathways for ensuring that networks, states, cities and local communities are able to meet the demands of businesses and citizens.

The state as a modern service provider

Sector focus pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical environment, legal regulations are particularly strict; the regulatory requirements for IT systems are extraordinarily high. Especially in this area, the implementation of a new ERP system presents companies with great challenges.

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Media & broadcast

Information technology is presenting the media industry with some tremendous challenges: this not only affects broadcasting and distribution channels, but also internal production workflows. The areas of TV and film, music and radio, games and also the printed press are involved.

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