We provide our clients with tailor-made processes. Whether they be small business owners, SMEs or conglomerates – we ensure that everything runs smoothly and we safeguard the quality and cost-effectiveness of their business activities.

Corporate Governance over IT

Information is among the most important assets of a company. IT is crucial for procuring and retaining this intangible property. It is one of the key business drivers and delivers important support processes. New business models demand close networking of business and IT functions for the management and strategic further development of IT. 

COBIT® is a framework used for the control and management of IT organisations. COBIT allows the various frameworks, e.g. in relation to ITIL® (process level) or PRINCE2® (project management level), to be managed. COBIT provides clear and structured guidelines for this to always make your business goals achievable.

We advise on and lay the groundwork for:

  • IT governance consulting
  • IT risk management
  • Audit assistance
  • Maturity determination
  • COBIT® introduction
  • COBIT® training

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IT service Management with ITIL

ITIL describes the components and workflows of the life cycle of IT services – strategy, design, transition, operation, constant improvement (CSI) – and highlights best practices that have evolved from experience in order to better adapt the company’s IT organisation to the company’s own challenges.

The design of IT service processes according to ITIL is an essential foundation for the controllability and measurability of the IT organisation. IT service management according to ITIL ensures that IT demonstrably provides the best possible support for the client’s core business and that the company’s resources are used in a responsible manner. Unmistakable signs of an IT organisation functioning in this way include satisfied users who are able to perform their tasks productively, and a service portfolio that is planned and monitored in a strategic manner.

ITIL® process optimisation

The aim of every customer-focused and professional IT service provider must be to design its IT services and IT processes with clients and partners in a transparent manner. The demands of the core business, i.e. the client and IT users, remain the focus of the IT orientation.

However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All that is required is recourse to best practices, which have already proven their merit in many companies for this purpose and which have been continuously developed.

Our procedure for your optimised processes


The adaptive ITIL model

Although IT organisations essentially work in the same way, they differ considerably in terms of their specific working environment.

As a result, expertplace offers an adaptive ITIL model in which IT processes are documented in accordance with ITIL and measured based on a KPI system. This significantly reduces the introduction time and costs of your project.

ITIL® Health Check

IT organisations are no longer able to be regarded and structured from a technological perspective alone. Smooth running primarily benefits the client while at the same time ensuring efficient business management. Reliability, availability, security and customer-friendliness are assured.

The IT organisation becomes a true service provider and supplier of value added for the company. The focus is always on the client.

We take a detailed look at your organisation.

With the ITIL Health Check, we have a very important tool for continuously improving your IT service management processes.
We analyse the starting position and identify potential for optimisation. We deliver structured and automatic processes, clear responsibilities and transparency, as well as improved quality of your services.

Catalogue of services

The issue of service is also gaining importance in IT. The implementation of a catalogue of services based on ITIL® provides the ideal basis for creating transparency in relation to the value contribution and the costs of services from the service provider. This is where the opportunity lies to standardise and rationalise services. Another aspect is the option to offer self services for the user in order to make life with IT as simple as possible.

A catalogue of services that presents the correct information in the correct format improves the value of the IT organisation.

expertplace works with your company to plan and create a catalogue of services that meets your needs and the needs of your customers. We use a tried-and-tested conceptualisation, planning and implementation process.

Service advantages at a glance:

  • Improved image vis-à-vis the customer
  • Services with a structured description
  • Standardisation opportunities
  • Service-related reporting
  • Reduced input required from the service desk
  • Clearly defined, repeatable and transparent workflows
  • Control and transparency of service costs

ITIL® training

The expertplace academy offers you and your staff sound fundamental training in ITIL processes. The detailed description of tried-and-tested processes and structures is communicated in depth within individual seminars.

Exercises and the practical experience of our trainers supplement the theoretical knowledge so that participants are able to adapt ITIL best practices to the needs of their own organisations.

All training courses are completed with an PeopleCert-certified examination.

Project management

Projects mean changes

The route from the strategy to its implementation is always accompanied by projects which must be realised within certain time and cost frameworks. The reliability with which the company operates within these frameworks determines in the long term the company’s future and success.

Project management is one of our consultants’ core areas of expertise. Our many years of experience focuses in particular on the planning, management and implementation of projects, as well as the introduction of project management organisations. The advantage lies in structured, transparent and manageable projects.

Another important aspect of our work is assistance and support during change. A large proportion of projects fail because the organisation’s willingness to change is overestimated. For this reason, expertplace has developed a model that places a change life cycle around the classic project life cycle and therefore provides an essential building block for successful project progress.


Business processes

The analysis, definition and implementation of efficient and cross-departmental business processes are important aspects of our work.

Analysis & design

Collaboration with colleagues should be as efficient as possible. Only if all of the “cogs” are turning in exactly the right position will the “gears” work properly.

In reality, however, organisational “sand in the gears”, such as silo thinking, can lead to massive and costly frictional losses. Processes need to be continuously maintained or “oiled” in order for them to function as effectively as possible.

Therefore, if processes have been drafted and documented, it must firstly be ensured that they are implemented as defined, and secondly that they must be able to function in practical terms with maximum efficiency. Workflow management system (BPM) supersedes the laborious and error-prone manual workflow coordination of business processes. You will find out more about this under “Workflow / BPM” and at

We offer you the following analysis and design services:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Definition of goals
  • Organisational structuring
  • Description of duties and roles
  • Definition of the flow of information
  • Integration of systems and tools

We can also support you with:

  • Process introduction
  • Process maturity health check
  • Process optimisation
  • Training courses for process owners and managers

Performance Measurement

The efficient management of corporate workflows is one of the most important tasks that businesses face. The interaction of workflow management (increase in the degree of process automation) and performance measurement (analysis and evaluation of process efficiency) provides support for the documentation, implementation and adaptation as well as monitoring of essential processes. Through skilful integration into an existing system landscape, the productivity of employees involved in the process can be increased, and costs reduced.

These two modules help your company to broaden its scope for action and increase its flexibility. This combination provides integrated support for the entire process life cycle.

With our services, we cover the entire process cycle (analysis, definition, implementation and analysis) so that you can be sure that your business processes always run in a cost- and resources-optimised manner.

Workflow + measurement advantages

  • The defined business processes are used not just for documentation purposes, but can also be executed and run through.
  • Permanent monitoring allows the targeted optimisation of ongoing processes and ensures transparency of corporate workflows.
  • New requirements can be implemented quickly. The changes are implemented automatically by everyone involved with the process without any further training.

Cost control

Maximisation and optimisation of IT profitability and agility are key tasks for a company’s managers. Effective IT has been proven to contribute towards the company’s success and makes economical use of existing resources.

On the background of budget bottlenecks and increased project pressure, adjustments to business processes are frequently postponed in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. This development has also affected IT organisations: their remit is becoming ever wider and budgets, generally ever smaller. CIOs, data centre and service desk managers are facing demands to cut costs, while maintaining the same quality requirements and flexibility.

To allow this to happen successfully, transparent mapping of IT cost blocks needs to take place at operational level. Only then can cost-cutting measures be made and actually take effect. We help you to examine your processes, systems and organisation for cost drivers and to determine the potential for optimisation in order to increase the value added contribution of IT to the company’s success.

Our services for transparent IT costs

  • Cost optimisation
  • Service invoicing
  • IT value scan
  • Sourcing advice
  • Analysis of potential
  • Catalogue of services
  • Assistance with tenders