IT personnel service provider

Our HR consultants have comprehensive expertise gathered over many years in both human resources and IT. This means that we are able to correctly assess your staffing needs right from the start. Regardless of whether you want professionally experienced assistance with an IT project or you want to permanently expand your team of IT experts, expertplace professionals finds the right IT specialists for you.

The three-pillar principle


The recruitment agency primarily provides you with IT and management specialists for permanent appointments. We help you to define job requirements and organise discreet candidate searches and the choice of personnel.


Freelancers from the IT sector are ideal for fixed-term projects on which your project teams are supported by freelancers with their specialist expertise


With personnel leasing, IT specialists are supplied to your company based on temporary employment legislation (AÜG), offering significant benefits thanks to rapid vacancy filling, especially for short-term staffing requirements and order peaks.

Areas of focus & areas of activity

expertplace professionals covers a wide remit with various areas of focus in the IT sector: whether you need an expert in infrastructure & networks, Internet & intranet, security, virtualisation, storage, SAP, business intelligence, governance, service management or professionally qualified staff from other areas / fields of IT, we are your expert recruitment agency. We would be more than happy to offer you a personal consultation.

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