Personal coaching

We practice the coaching of staff and management as a solutions-orientated process: clear agreement of development goals, site determination, planning for achievement of the goal in realisable steps as well as safeguarding and support of the subsequent implementation. With our practice-orientated approach, we give staff and managers the ability to recognise and strengthen their own potential.

This enables us to create additional value added for companies and organisations. Depending on the question being addressed, we support the process through a customised combination of potential analyses, feedback and specific assistance in the HR environment. The focus is always on the development of human resources and an achievable work-life balance.


Through our consultancy services, we assist our clients in achieving their entrepreneurial and strategic goals. We operate objectively, independently and, most importantly, always confidentially.

The right ERP for your company

How is your business data recorded and how are your business processes mapped? The use of a powerful ERP system is an essential requirement for efficient workflows and controlling all business processes.

Within a company, each department (Purchasing, Sales, Logistics, Production, Accounting, Controlling, etc.) can use the ERP system to manage relevant data. All of the information is documented only once and stored in a standardised, central database.

This gives you the option to analyse existing processes, set up new ones and coordinate them all. This flexible process networking opens up new opportunities for you and frees up valuable resources. They create an indispensable, future-focused platform that efficiently supports your staff and safeguards the successful running of your projects.

You are investing in your company’s fitness for the future and creating crucial competitive advantages. The independent and manufacturer-neutral consultants at expertplace accompany you through a demand-led search for the right ERP program and help you to maintain an overview of what’s available.


As globalisation and digitalisation progress, companies’ IT requirements are growing. This applies not only to corporations, but precisely small and medium-sized companies need to respond to this development, seizing the opportunities associated with it. By deploying SAP solutions, companies can incur real competitive advantage and sustainability into the future.

The integrated and automated processes open up new options for you and free up valuable potential. By deploying SAP you create an indispensable, future-oriented basis that efficiently supports your employees and provides the prerequisites for successful digitalisation.

expertplace’s consultants have extensive experience with all SAP products and tasks: the portfolio ranges from SAP implementation to classical module consulting to rollouts and process optimisation along the entire value chain. We recognise the strategic potential of SAP and deliver tailored solutions to our clients.

Project methodology

Organisation and roles

What changes are in store for the company organisation? What training courses are necessary?

Processes, requirements and project scope

The client company’s business requirements, which determine the customised solution on the basis of best practice models

Project management

Methods and tools for efficient project management

IT landscape and integration

Requirements relating to IT functionalities, for example SAP system landscape, interfaces, printers

Data, development, output management

Technical specifications on the basis of requirements, particularly the customer-specific developments

Risk and quality management

Functionalities and requirement for a consistent management of risks and quality issues

We provide these services

SAP implementation

SAP maps your central business processes: finance and controlling, procurement, production and logistics, product development and sales and service. Thus, for an SAP implementation it is important that all team members involved in the process have an interdisciplinary understanding of the project objectives, content and scope. Thanks to our experience and a pragmatic approach we successfully lead your SAP implementation to achieve its aims. We support you individually and competently, with an industry focus.

SAP module consulting

The SAP modules can effectively support your processes along the entire supply chain. We show our customers which SAP modules support business processes particularly profitably and implement them on the basis of an individual roadmap – whether it’s a new implementation, a system upgrade or an optimisation.

SAP rollout

expertplace supports national and international SAP rollouts. We design the core processes of the template and define the strategic, technical, legal and economic overall conditions – aligned to the company’s size and the requirements of its individual sites. Harmonisation of business processes goes hand in hand with harmonising master data.

SAP development

The SAP software is dynamic and flexible. We develop individual process applications and system enhancements for your company, just as we precisely implement your requirements from the areas of data migration, form management or interfaces in SAP – whether it’s ABAP, SAPscript, Adobe Forms or Java.


SAP HANA, the High Performance Analytic Appliance, stands for analytical applications that can be implemented at a fast speed – computing-intensive analyses in reporting and analysis as well as selected application processes are carried out directly in the in-memory database. expertplace supports you in implementing, enhancing, optimising and migrating your ERP, CRM or BW system to SAP HANA.


SAP S/4HANA is the real-time ERP suite for digital business – the technical and conceptual response to the digitalisation trend. As a digital core, it networks all applications, whereby data can be used without any loss of information throughout the company and in real time. It is based on the in-memory platform SAP HANA and supports business processes end-to-end. It avoids disruptions in information chains and processing processes. New customers can implement SAP S/4HANA on the basis of SAP best practices and are professionally supported by our consultants in doing so.

SAP architecture

We connect your IT infrastructure, external data and existing processes with your SAP applications. In that context we guarantee that all IT systems are properly integrated and communicate effectively with your SAP solutions. The aim is to set up a digital architecture of the future that can enhance your SAP system landscape to include new solutions such as, for instance, HANA, S/4HANA, hybrid cloud solutions. Our experts help you in planning, set-up, development and operations.

SAP process consulting

Our consultants analyse and optimise your processes. expertplace has developed a model that places a change lifecycle around the classical project lifecycle; it constitutes an essential foundation for successful project completion. Through well-coordinated and efficient processes you preserve and enhance the value of your company in the medium and long term.

SAP change management

Through new or optimised business processes in organisation and IT there are sometimes major changes for your employees. A well-trained and motivated team remains a company’s most valuable asset. We would like to identify your expectations and requirements in order to minimise risks and uncertainties in the project phases and completely avoid potential difficulties.

SAP master data management

Most business decisions are made on the basis of sound data. Master data are an essential success factor for improved processes and optimal corporate management. Inadequate master data result in considerable costs and can cause lasting harm to a company’s reputation. expertplace ensures a standardised data base and enhanced data quality: monitored by tools, simple and secure.

SAP security

Appropriate security concepts are necessary to avoid hacker attacks and fraudulent activities. Here, SAP offers a variety of security mechanisms and solutions to enable the best possible prevention, and also prompt intervention in case of emergency. With relevant expertise and experience, expertplace ensures proper implementation.

SAP data protection

SAP maps almost all of a company’s processes and is thus also very relevant for data protection. Highly sensitive data are processed and there are endless possibilities to access data. With our knowledge we ensure that statutory requirements are satisfied, in accordance with the new data protection regulation.

SAP mergers and acquisitions

The purchase (merger) or sale (carve-out) of an organisational unit of a company is a challenging project for IT and the joining/separating of SAP systems. After all, operations must continue. Our experts have the necessary technical and analytical skills to smoothly implement a carve-out or to optimally carry out the merging of IT infrastructures and different software.


The importance of IT and digitisation is growing increasingly. Without a perfectly functioning and predictive IT system, most companies cannot compete effectively. As a result, this means ongoing training of staff and further training of employees, and the provision of hardware and software, which incurs high costs. For companies, it is therefore important to also to tackle the subject of IT sourcing from a strategic perspective.

IT sourcing, however, is not just about increasing efficiency. It helps you to focus on your core areas of expertise and do the things that you do best. You achieve greater flexibility and boost the quality of your services, which are crucial factors for competitiveness and differentiation on the market.

expertplace offers you comprehensive and forward-looking advice on sourcing strategies and how to implement them.

What we offer you.

  • Strategic consulting up to the transition to the sourcing partner
  • Analysis of your sectors’ performance
  • Analysis of your existing IT systems
  • Selection of the best service provider and partner for you
  • Sustainable interlinking of your sourcing partner and (technical) sectors
  • Analysis and calculation of cost structures
  • Creation of service descriptions, and performance- and catalogue criteria
  • Measurement of your internal sectors and your partners based on KPIs
  • Derivation, creation and negotiation of SLAs

Risk: strategic risk management

There are many legal specifications that compel limited liability companies and other similar types of trading entity to implement early risk warning systems. These strict guidelines mean that risk management is initially regarded as a burdensome obligation instead of a powerful tool with business management benefits.

An efficient risk management system helps the company’s management team make the right decisions. Inventory- and insolvency crises need to be detected early.

expertplace helps you to establish your risk management as a strategic success factor for the company’s management and implement it across all sectors.

It is quite crucial that, for a practice-orientated risk and monitoring structure and effective risk management, the responsible individuals on the various tiers of a company’s management team must set a good example.

expertplace offers you comprehensive and forward-looking advice in relation to your risk management.

We ask important questions.

  • Can risks be detected early and classified correctly?
  • Are the decision-makers aware of the risks?
  • How do the decision-makers communicate regarding risks?
  • What actions can be taken?


We measure our success against yours.

Scarcely any part of the company is under as much pressure to succeed as sales. Often, the future of the entire company depends on successful sales operations. Suitable sales strategies and appropriate activities to support sales have a key influence on the company’s competitiveness and success.

However, not all sales are the same. Every company and industry has different demands and structures. For every sales division, we develop suitable strategies and concepts, and we also take care of its implementation. We rely on the combination of best practices and innovative methods.

expertplace takes care of individual sales processes, but also holistic sales operations, from conceptualisation and telesales to ready-to-sign contracts. We see ourselves as a supplementary sales unit to our clients, whose employees benefit throughout our collaboration from our expertise and the comprehensive training we provide.

The aim is to measurably increase our clients’ turnover within a short space of time and to keep it at a high level in the long term. To be able to develop an individual strategy, key questions need to be asked and answered first. We need to establish a realistic picture of the company and its opportunities for development.

Working with you, we develop customised concepts for your sales.

Change / HR

A company’s most valuable asset is a well-trained workforce and teams that perform well, which positively shape change within the company and which make a major contribution towards the company’s fitness for the future.

expertplace understands HR consulting as a strategic contribution towards supporting corporate and personnel-related decision-making processes. From a systemic perspective, people and processes need the same degree of attention so that companies can remain competitive when times are tough.

What we can do for you:

  • Organisation and implementation of staff surveys, analysis of results, analysis of benchmarks, development of recommended actions, support with the communication of results and the implementation of improvement measures
  • Integrative analysis of the corporate culture
  • Design and implementation of a values-development process based on shared values and action principles
  • Development of a standardised understanding of communication and leadership
  • Support of newly formed management teams (definition of understanding of roles and advice, creation of internal communication structures, introduction of a mentoring / coaching concept)
  • Support of newly formed teams through specific team-building measures to facilitate culture and value change

Personal coaching

We practice the coaching of staff and management as a solutions-orientated process: clear agreement of development goals, site determination, planning for achievement of the goal in realisable steps as well as safeguarding and support of the subsequent implementation. With our practice-orientated approach, we give staff and managers the ability to recognise and strengthen their own potential.

This enables us to create additional value added for companies and organisations. Depending on the question being addressed, we support the process through a customised combination of potential analyses, feedback and specific assistance in the HR environment. The focus is always on the development of human resources and an achievable work-life balance.

Training of social skills

expertplace is an accredited partner of Insights Discovery®. In addition to tailor-made training courses on issues that are of strategic importance to you, you can also choose from the following tried-and-tested subject areas:

Management development

  • Leadership in times of constant change
  • From employee to manager
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Crises- & conflict management

Improving sales performance

  • Communicating effectively and with closure in mind in the sales environment
  • Understanding human nature in sales – the key skill of every sales manager!

Presenting and moderating

  • Effective presentation
  • Public speaking / free speech

Skills development

  • Developing key training and skills development models
  • Developing and reviewing skills / jobs profiles
  • Implementing a skills and competences-based assessment centre and management audits
  • Introducing feedback tools for employees & managers (e.g. Insights Discovery® potential analyses or 360° feedback)
  • Setting up and performing staff surveys
  • Introducing and reviewing staff appraisal tools
  • Talent management
  • Design and implementation of trainee and integration programmes

Direct Search

  • Creation of comprehensive skills and competences profiles for professional, personnel-related and functional suitability
  • Creation and coordination of target firm lists
  • Research of suitable candidates through coordinated and suitable recruitment channels
  • Direct contact
  • Confidential pre-selection through structured telephone interviews
  • Additional selection – depending on the position – through face-to-face interviews, assessment centres, management audits and potential analyses
  • Presentation of suitable candidates via informative profiles
  • Administrative assistance for the entire process

Interim Management

Our interim managers take on responsibility for results in a line position and leave the company as soon as the problem has been resolved, a stable new corporate or divisional management has been established, or the strategic business unit in question has been relaunched. Interim management can, however, also be used deliberately in the context of a change process as, for example, an opportunity to supplement in-house expertise with external expertise or to accelerate essential change processes.

Advantages of an interim mandate at a glance

  • Keep fixed costs manageable
  • The focus is on profit orientation
  • Absolute neutrality
  • Short-notice availability
  • Good preparation, commitment and clear structures

Compliance in IT

Compliance Management System

The senior management is responsible for ensuring your company behaves in a law-abiding manner. This includes compliance with and monitoring of all statutory, corporate and contractual requirements. EU laws, international and corporate guidelines as well as business customs complement the comprehensive framework. It’s all about compliance. For companies it is crucial to monitor their current compliance status on a continuous basis.

If your company is confronted with these problems it is high time to analyse your current compliance status:

  • cyber attacks

  • investigations by government authorities

  • cease and desist notices

  • product recalls or service complaints

  • contractual penalties for infringements

  • limited resources or budgets

Our compliance specialists would be happy to advise you on introducing a compliance management system in accordance with ISO 19600. They prepare your compliance environment so that your company reaches the best possible compliance level. To this end, we make available to you a modular model that we customise to your needs and your company situation.

Compliance creates opportunities

We are aware of the value of compliance as part of the company strategy and know it is needed in companies.

  • It leads to sustainable growth.

  • It strengthens customers’ confidence.

  • It fosters a good reputation.

  • It leads to improved product and service quality.

But the compliance level has to fit your company’s goals. Many compliance managers, however, lack the necessary experience to fulfil this.

We translate your compliance requirements into the best solution for you. Our employees are experienced in the areas of IT, purchasing, sales and marketing, production, logistics, industry 4.0 applications and the finance area, and are familiar with senior management priorities. In addition, we are a competent partner for the placement of specialists and managers.

Our software platform for workflows and process management can support ensuring compliance within your company. In this way we automate complying with defined standards and preparing complete documentation.

Our modular compliance services are flexible, reasonably priced and can be obtained both for individual projects and over the long term. And if you would like to completely outsource your compliance activities, our modular compliance services can support you in doing this too.