Through our consultancy services, we assist our clients in achieving their entrepreneurial and strategic goals. We operate objectively, independently and, most importantly, always confidentially

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We provide our clients with tailor-made processes. Whether they be small business owners, SMEs or conglomerates – we ensure that everything runs smoothly and we safeguard the quality and cost-effectiveness of their business activities.

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Crucial competitive advantages through tailored IT and software solutions, efficient resources planning and intelligent coordination of working processes.

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Mankind and information technology have shaped the industrial revolutions so far, and they will also play a key role in Industry 4.0. The ongoing successful (further-) development of staff, operational processes and technologies determine the competitiveness of a company.

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Personnel service provider

Our HR consultants have comprehensive expertise gathered over many years in both human resources and IT. This means that we are able to correctly assess your staffing needs right from the start. Regardless of whether you want professionally experienced assistance with an IT project or you want to permanently expand your team of IT experts, expertplace professionals finds the right IT specialists for you.

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