About us

Since expertplace was founded, the team and managers have worked consistently on building up its skills and quality, so that our clients can also achieve their goals and develop new perspectives for the future. And do so with complete confidence.


Our experts advise companies from all sectors in significant areas such as strategy, security, process management, risk management, compliance and governance. We understand the strategic importance of and opportunities afforded by information technology that brings major advantages for companies and helps them achieve their corporate goals.

Our approach revolves not just around maximising existing potential and resources, but rather we go much further: 

Our specialist consultants assist and advise you on matters relating to process optimisation and cost reduction. We analyse your opportunities on the market, develop tailor-made concepts and accompany the implementation of projects towards goal achievement. We use various global de facto method standards to help us do this, such as Six Sigma, PRINCE2, ITIL and SCRUM.


We have clear goals, along dependable pathways for new perspectives, for our team and for our clients.

Ralf Klemisch Director of Consulting

Working together in a focused manner: this principle enriches our everyday working lives and our interpersonal aplomb. Our consultants are highly motivated and customer-focused team players who, at the same time, innovatively and considerately help shape our own company. We practise human-oriented values, and we are open and transparent in our communication. We benefit from each other’s skills and knowledge.

This synergistic collaboration sets us apart from the classically individualist approach of a consultant. We draw the majority of our strength and speed from the shared pool of knowledge and experience contributed to by our team and our clients.

New employees feel supported because we value their personal strengths, which they can develop to the full within our portfolio of services and in a constructive working atmosphere. We are proud of the mature way we interact with each other: respect, humanity, open feedback, learning from our mistakes, equal opportunities and professional conduct are the most important maxims of our business ethics.

Our customers very much value this. They choose us and our wide network, consisting of experienced and time-served specialists, as their preferred partner, who gives them opportunities to introduce and improve efficient and high-quality process and project management.


The executives and managers of the expertplace Group are experienced corporate consultants who not only manage their own teams and divisions, but who also work directly at customer sites as project managers, taking responsibility and acting as contacts and coordinators. Our success is based on immense foundations of knowledge, dialogue within our team and with clients, and on our willingness to learn new things.

Ralf Klemisch

Ralf Klemisch has been on the board of expertplace since 2009. As a corporate consultant, his areas of expertise lie in the fields of management and strategy, sales and organisation, as well as the selection and introduction of ERPs and SAP in general. He has considerable experience in managing long-term and complex projects.

His deep and thorough knowledge of SAP comes from more than 20 years of experience. As an expert, he gives his customers comprehensive advice and is an active project manager for clients.

Horst Köning

Horst Köning is a director and was a co-founder of expertplace in 2007. The time-served wholesaler and export merchant, and graduate in business management, is an expert in functional IT strategies that enable companies to establish a sustainable and future-ready business.

Key aspects of his work as a consultant include sales + marketing, organisation and processes, and the selection of suitable technologies and matching service providers.

Horst Köning epitomises the values of expertplace. In addition to his interest in innovations and his enthusiasm for future issues, he attaches great important to the exchange of knowledge and camaraderie.

Jürgen Peter

Jürgen Peter is a director and was a co-founder of expertplace in 2007. He studied Information Technology at the RWTH Aachen and has made the IT industry his home for over 30 years.

His specialist areas as a consultant include finance and controlling, organisation and processes, IT consulting and contract management. He also assists his clients in choosing the right technologies and matching service providers for their needs.

As an experienced project manager, he escorts companies undergoing change: through mergers, corporate buy-outs and business transfers

Bernd Krechel

Bernd Krechel has been a project manager since 1997 and has a wealth of national and international experience. His in-depth and broad-based knowledge of the media industry and telecommunications means that he understands what IT service providers need to deliver.

The graduate engineer in messaging technology, specialising in communication, has been a Managing Director and partner of expertplace solutions GmbH since 2013.

His areas of specialism in project management lie in technical and management consulting, the implementation of business processes and the analysis of requirements, as well as the design and optimisation of processes.

Klaus Heineberg

Klaus Heineberg has been project manager and consultant in the media and telecommunications industry since 1998. His strong talent is embedded  in the conception, implementation and introduction of complex IT solutions as well as in the bespoke preparation and signature support of international projects.

Klaus is a physicist and managing director of expertplace solutions GmbH since the beginning of 2018.

In the media arena Klaus carries a substantial expertise in the organisational and technical processes of public and private television broadcasters - his fundamental know-how embraces program planning, production planning and resource planning, through production and post-production, programme scheduling and scheduling of advertising time, to programme preparation and broadcasting.

Bert Hoffschlag

Bert Hoffschlag, Managing Director of expertplace professionals GmbH, has in-depth industry knowledge in IT and engineering, digital and media, and telecommunications. He has worked in the IT industry since 1989.

The experienced manager’s areas of expertise primarily include the leasing of personnel in IT and HR projects.

Anastasios Papadopoulos

Anastasios Papadopoulos, lawyer and bar licensed attorney is expertised in EU Distribution-, Competition, Antitrust-, Group-, Data Protection- and eCommerce Law.

As Managing Director of expertplace compliance services GmbH he will provide his leadership with 15 years of international experience from different industries - in his previous capacity as Legal Director Europe at Amway -. He was in charge of legal Compliance regarding market expansion in EMEA, FMCG product portfolio, distribution models and data protection. Furthermore, he provided in-house courses to European Senior Management in the area of anti bribery in accordance with US FCPA and UK Bribery Act.

His core areas are international compliance implementation solutions, i.e. in digital business, distribution models, website security, consumer and data protection. 

He is not just our Group General Counsel but also our sound expert for all requests regarding the significant topic "Compliance“.

Peter Hohneck

Peter Hohneck is CEO and partner at expertplace advisors GmbH.  For more than 22 years he has advised executives at the highest level on fundamental questions of strategy and digitalization, focusing particularly on the amalgamation of business and IT topics. He brings valuable experience from over 50 projects covering a wide range of sectors (automotive OEM, automotive supplier, mechanical and plant engineering, chemistry, consumer goods, high tech, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, radio, utilities, and professional services).

Our clients also benefit from the international nature of both his projects and his education (high school in the USA, studies at the Sorbonne, executive education at Yale University).


  • 2007 expertplace GmbH is founded by Horst Köning, Jürgen Peter and Udo Faulhaber
  • 2008 Renaming as expertplace networks group AG
  • 2009 Founding of expertplace consulting AG
  • 2009 Launch of expertplace advisory GmbH and the expertplace academy
  • 2010 Founding and launch of expertplace human capital management GmbH in Frankfurt
  • 2013 Merger of subsidiaries to form expertplace consulting GmbH
  • 2013 Shareholding in CEITON technologies GmbH and renaming as expertplace solutions GmbH
  • 2014 Founding and launch of expertplace professionals GmbH in Cologne
  • 2015 Certification to ISO 9001 of expertplace networks group AG and expertplace solutions GmbH
  • 2015 The compamedia institute awards expertplace consulting the accolade of TOP CONSULTANT
  • 2017 expertplace receives the award as TOP JOB 2017
  • 2017 The compamedia institute awards expertplace consulting for the second time the accolade of TOP CONSULTANT
  • 2017 Founding of expertplace compliance services GmbH
  • 2018 Founding of expertplace advisors GmbH
  • 2019 expertplace receives the award as TOP JOB 2019
  • 2019 The compamedia institute awards expertplace consulting for the third time the accolade of TOP CONSULTANT
  • 2019 Merger of expertplace consulting GmbH into expertplace networks group AG

In brief

  • expertplace is represented nationwide
  • We have more than 140 consultants working on projects
  • In the current financial year, we are looking for more than 20 consultants for permanent posts
  • Subject- and industry expertise are constantly being expanded
  • Development of new solutions and product approaches


Company shareholdings

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